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2. Titanium Backup

It is free with no ads or in-app purchases and is also available in 15 different languages. Google Photos is an excellent photo sharing and storage service developed by Google. It provides its users free, unlimited storage for photos up to 16 megapixels and videos up to p resolution. You can enable it to automatically backup and organize your photos. The service can analyze your pictures, identifying various features and subjects, and adequately arrange them. It has a built-in advanced editor and Chromecast support. Also, you can share your photos right from the app.

SMS Backup and Restore is another relevant backup app for Android that allows you to make backup files of your text messages. You can transfer the data between two phones over WiFi direct or send it by email. The app is highly customizable, and it also has an option to enable or disable ads. Also, you can select which conversations you want to backup or restore.

Moreover, it lets you to auto-upload your backups to Google Drive or Dropbox. You can convert the XML backup file to other formats and also view it on a computer.

Power User Reviews - 3 Great Options To Backup Data From Your Android Device

Helium is one best Android backup apps that do not require root. It permits you to backup your apps, data, contacts, messages, and call logs. To use the mobile app when plugged into a PC, the unrooted users need to install the Helium desktop app, while the rooted users can run it directly. The free version allows you to backup and restore to SD card, and from the PC. Whereas, the premium version comes with extra features like no-ads, Android to Android sync, cloud backups and restoring, etc.

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App Backup is actually a decent backup app for applications. It can copy APK files to your internal storage or cloud storage as you need. Those are the actual APKs and install perfectly fine. At least, they installed fine during our testing. You can also share APKs, check the package name, the app version, and date installed.

Some additional options include an uninstall option, Material Design, and an auto-backup function in case you want to be lazy with it. This isn't nearly as powerful as root-only backup apps like Titanium Backup. However, this is about as good as it can possibly get for non-root users.

The app did crash once during our tests, but it otherwise ran fine. Backup Your Mobile Price: The UI is fairly simple and using it to backup stuff should only take a few minutes of poking around. It looks antiquated, but it's not like you'll use this app more than a few times. Some have reported the occasional bug. Thus, your mileage may vary. Thankfully, it's free so it won't cost you anything to try it. Easier Backup Price: Easier Backup is basically what the name says. It backs up your contacts. The app works offline, includes support for VFC, and quick export to basically whatever you want.

That includes cloud storage, your email, or your PC. The app also has support for 15 languages, Material Design, and more. It's relatively simple to use and we liked how many options you get to manually move your contacts around. Otherwise, there isn't much else to say. This app does one thing and it does it correctly.

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G Cloud Price: G Cloud is a cloud storage option, but one specifically for device backups. It can automatically or manually backup your SMS messages, contacts, photos, videos, music, documents, call logs, and other various files. It can even backup your settings in some cases. You can configure automatic backup for favorable circumstances like when your device is charging and also connected to WiFi.

The service gives you 1GB for free and you can earn more free storage with various little gags in the app. This isn't like Google Drive or OneDrive or anything like that. It's a cloud storage service specifically for phone backup material and that's kind of neat.

G Cloud has no association with Google whatsoever. Keep it rolling with some more useful Android apps! Google Photos Price: Google Photos kind of counts as cloud storage. However, we think it's a special case. This app backs up your photos and videos for free. The only thing Google asks is that you allow them to decrease the quality a little bit. This is an amazing budget option for smartphone shutterbugs. All photos are accessible via the website or the app. That makes them viewable basically everywhere with an Internet connection.

With Google Drive, you can store plenty of files using not only smartphone but also tablet and computer.

10 Free And Best Android Backup Apps Of 2018

You can back up images, videos and documents from your Android smartphone without rooting. You can also invite others to view, edit and leave comments. It is also possible to share the link with others. You will be able to free up internal storage of the device using the app. The app also comes with exclusive APK backup and restore modules using which you can extract, edit, install and share APK files. You can backup and restore apps that re not used frequently.

This will save valuable space on your device. It is also possible to schedule backup and restore operations automatically including the ability to batch backup and restore for enhanced data protection and security.

Best Android Backup Apps

You can also create your own appstore locally to transfer and share apps. The app helps you to back up your apps and data directly either to your SD card or cloud storage. It is possible to sync app data from other Android gadgets including the ability to setup backup schedules. You should install Helium on both Android and computer.

The next step is to establish connectivity between your device and computer.

You can also maintain a permanent cloud backup of all your contacts including call logs. It is possible to quickly restore the data on a new device. The G Cloud Backup provides a facility to backup contacts, images, videos, messages, music, call logs including documents to the cloud.

It is possible to migrate data to several devices in addition to management of memories in a timeline. You can view the first recorded video and a call you made nearly two years back. Dropbox is the most reliable tool for backup and restoration of files. You can work with Dropbox either from your computer or mobile device by installing the app.

The Dropbox app automatically sync data between several devices and you can access them at any time. The tool provides shared folders, offline access including doc scanner. You can register for a day trial of Dropbox Plus, which provides 2TB storage.

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My Backup helps you to backup data to your smartphone or SD card. It is possible to schedule automated backups multiple times. If you have root access, you can backup APKs and data. The app works on all Android devices irrespective of root access. You can also copy to cloud including the capability to share installation files to others. However, you can perform backup and restore apps data but it requires rooting. It is also possible to batch restore apps from SD card. The Backup Your Mobile app provides an ability to backup and restore contacts, SMS messages, call logs, system settings including user dictionary, bookmarks and browser history.

You can initiate automated backup scheduling. The app can also copy data from one device to another easily.

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