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Fixed a crash that occurred when editing the recurrence rule of a yearly repeating task. Fixed a crash that occurred when deleting an instance of a newly created repeating task. Improved the handling of escaped characters imported to the title or notes field of a new to-do via the URI scheme. We now show the Things Cloud settings when relaunching the app if it crashed while updating with Things Cloud for the first time on the previous run. We now block the generation of repeating task instances when relaunching the app if it crashed while updating with Things Cloud for the first time on the previous run.

We now use regular weekday names Monday, Tuesday, etc. Things can now be opened via the URI scheme without having to add a new task i. Improved the format of due dates for some regions. Search is no longer diacritic sensitive. Updated Hockey SDK to version 3. Fixed an issue where some to-dos in the Today list couldn't be reordered after using the Daily Review. Fixed issues where the text of a to-do's title or notes could overflow from the boundaries of its cell.

Fixed an issue where, when attempting to move some to-dos in the Today list, the app could display the details for a different to-do. Fixed an issue where the Scrolling Date Picker couldn't be dismissed in some situations. Fixed an issue where tapping the status bar while using the Scrolling Date Picker wouldn't return to today. Fixed an issue where the selected date was no longer visible in the Scrolling Date Picker after rotating the device.

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Fixed an issue that caused logged Projects to show an incorrect number of contained to-dos. Fixed an issue that affected the order of a project's contents when emailing it. Enhanced the formatting of to-dos and projects when emailing them. Improved the display of dates throughout the app when the Region Format is set to Finland. Some localization improvements for German, French and Japanese. Improved accessibility when using VoiceOver. Fixed an issue where the incorrect project title could be shown on tasks in the daily review. Fixed an issue where the selection of a task in the reminders list was lost in some situations.

Fixed an issue where the titles of the months in the date picker were incorrectly capitalised in Russian. Fixed an issue where the activity indicator spinner was drawn over the sync status text in Russian in the Things Cloud settings view. Fixed a layout issue where the "Calendar week" heading text in the date picker was truncated in German. Fixed an issue where tapping the repeating icon in a repeating task cell did not select the row and show the task details. Fixed an issue where tapping and holding the repeating task icon in a repeating task cell would show the menu to cancel and complete the task even though repeating tasks cannot be completed or cancelled.

Fixed a layout issue where tab characters inside a task's notes could cause layout problems when changing to and from edit mode. Revised text in some localizations. Adjustments for compatibility with the larger display. Speak a reminder to Siri and have it display instantly in your Things Inbox where you can easily import it.

Fixed a graphical issue with the topmost cell when creating a new repeating task. Fixed an issue where the top of the tag list was slightly cut off when filtering by tag in landscape orientation. Fixed an issue where the a large gap would appear between the Logbook and the Things Cloud button at the bottom of the source list.

Fixed several issues with Daily Review which could lead to a crash. Improved the behaviour of the notes field. Fixes a bug where the app could crash in some circumstances when the Daily Review list was updated. Fixed an issue for Japanese users where the day would not be displayed in the Scheduled focus. The all new Daily Review. Some nice new UI enhancements. A new custom-designed scrolling Date Picker. The ability to see Calendar Weeks in the new date picker when held in landscape.

The option to cancel to-dos. The preference to log completed items immediately. The ability to show whole Projects in Today. Re-engineered core for great Things Cloud performance. This update requires iOS 5 or later. Things for iPhone 1.


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Fixed an issue causing crashes on iOS 3. Resolved an issue where editing a tag could lead to a situation where the user gets stuck in a view. An initial sync with long preparation time could lead to a 'connection loss' warning on iOS devices. Changing the scheduled date for a non-project task could erroneously display a warning. Child tasks for repeating projects could lose that project association when a new instance of the project was created.

Weekday names were not properly displayed when using Swedish regional settings. Implemented a new Safe Mode to handle crashes on application launch more gracefully. Empty lists now show Program Guides like in the iPad version. Fixed a bug where Things could crash during the sync process. Fixed a bug where Things could crash when reactivating the application from the background. Fixed a bug where items in Today, Projects and Tags could get randomly reordered after sync.

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Marking a repeating task instance complete could have a noticeable lag - this is now fixed. Fixes for various sync related crashes. Fixed a bug where the first sync after un update to 1. Added support for a custom things: URI scheme. Fixed an issue where it was possible to create tag duplicates when using auto-completion. Fixed an issue where editing a tag did not refresh the UI. Fixed an issue where a Spelling suggestion was lost when changing device orientation. Fixed a glitch in the French localization.

Fixed a glitch where Swedish weekdays were not displayed properly. Cleaned up animations. Automatic logging can now be disabled in the Settings. When syncing with the Mac, changes are now sent in chunks, further improving sync speed. Bug Fix: Fixed a crash that could occur while adding a task in Today. Due items could previously not be moved from Today to Next. Searching for an apostrophe would previously crash the app. Fixed a bug where the sort order of child tags would change incorrectly during sync.

Tasks inserted into a Project are now appended at the bottom. Local notifications. Additionally, if turned on in the preferences, an alert is shown every day tasks become due or their scheduled day arrives. Multitasking support iOS 4: TextExpander Support. TextExpander has to be installed on the device. Major code overhaul for task entry. Bug fix. The search field used to pop up sometimes when navigating back to the home screen. This is fixed. The app no longer crashes when filtering by due date while the list of todos is still scrolling.

When editing a Tag title and placing the cursor at the beginning of the title, the "Done" button is no longer disabled. When a project becomes due, its todos were added to Today in the wrong order.

OmniFocus 3 for Mac

This is now fixed. If a project title is empty, the back button is now visible when viewing the details of a todo belonging to that project. Projects without a title now still display a header in Next. Due date filter is now restored when closing and relaunching the app. Fixed a bug where rotating to landscape mode while editing the notes of a task would show 2 keyboards.

To-dos from projects that have become due are now moved to the Today list in the same order they appear in the project. The order used to be reversed. The same is true for scheduled projects and projects that are manually set to Today. Fixed a bug where changing the name or parent of a tag on the Mac wouldn't be properly synced to the iPhone if the Manage Tags dialog was open.

Fixed a bug where creating an item inside scheduled while also assigning a project would cause the scheduled date to be removed. Added support for creating mixed projects: Improved move and create dialogs: Improved Settings dialog. Refined application icon. Small localization improvements. Improved search. Search now also returns items where the search term is found inside words instead of only at their beginning. Fixed inconsistency between Things touch and Things Mac in the count of due items in different lists. Fixed an issue where the cursor would jump to the wrong position when deleting text in a multi-line task title.

Requires iPhone OS 3. Added search functionality. Added crash reporting functionality. Added additional diagnostic tools that can be enabled via special instructions from Cultured Code's technical support team. Things no longer crashes in situations where opening it takes unusually long. Fixed a very rare crash when quitting Things. Fixed issues when quickly deleting long portions of a to-do's title.

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Fixed an issue that could lead to non-deletable lines being appended to a note. Fixed an issue affected iPhone OS 2. Fixed errors in the textual representation of to-dos sent by email. The badge count now updates correctly after syncing. The badge count now updates correctly when checking off to-dos in the Today list that are contained in a project. Adds the ability to sync projects that include scheduled and someday to-dos. This fix requires Things Mac 1. Fixed a bug where restoring the application state after sync would lead to a crash in certain situations.

Fixed a bug where Things would immediately initiate a sync on launch and time out in certain occasions. Small performance improvement for the calculation of badges. Loading large lists is faster, especially the Logbook. The Scheduled list now shows area titles for to-dos that belong to an area. Fixed a bug where tapping links or phone numbers inside notes wouldn't work.

When syncing occurs in the middle of entering a new todo, the entered information is now correctly restored after sync. Marking an item as "Not Today" is now stored and synced correctly in all cases. Fixed a bug that could lead to crashes when filtering lists by due date or tags. Fixed a bug that crashes the application when moving a to-do from a project into the same project. Fixed a bug where the due date would not be shows for tasks that are due today.

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  • Fixed a bug where in some cases, the sync setup view would not appear in the iPhone when pairing with the Mac. When filtering by tags in Someday, tags assigned to projects are now also shown in the tags list. Improved tags list. Selected tags are now highlighted. Fixed a few visual glitches. Added settings for application badge. Things now saves the state of the application when exiting the application more accurately. Changed semantics of badge counts for compatibility with Mac version. Two-sided badges for due and non-due items. Significantly improved syncing reliability.

    Under iPhone OS 2. Upgrade discounts available. Mac iOS Compare Buy. Actions Add actions — so you never forget anything. Projects Group your actions by projects, the way you already think of them. Perspectives Then use perspectives to plan your day — and do the next things on your list.

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    Review Review your projects and actions from time to time, so you can stay on track. Tap the Forecast view - which shows both tasks and calendar events - to get a handle on your day. Use the Review perspective to keep your projects and tasks on track. Use OmniFocus to accomplish more every day.

    Create projects and tasks, organize them with tags, focus on what you can do right now - and get stuff done. Then let our free syncing system make sure you data is the same on every Mac. And on OmniFocus More And on OmniFocus for iOS, available separately. OmniFocus comes in two feature levels: Discover New Mac Apps. Mac Update. Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog.

    Sign in with Facebook or. Sign in now Forgot password? Create new account. OmniFocus 3. GTD task manager with iOS companion app. Stable Version. Older OS X Download Now. See discussion Is OmniFocus really the best app in Applications category? See discussion. Version 3.

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