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Only the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and second-, third-, and fourth-generation iPod touches are eligible at present. When you enable HDR and take a picture, the camera actually snaps three pictures: It then combines all three of these images into a single photo, which can often yield startlingly impressive—though sometimes unreal-looking—images.

Elsewhere on the site, our digital photo expert extraordinaire Heather Kelly gives the skinny on HDR and what it means for iPhone photos. Apple's new music-focused social network, Ping, is now part and parcel of the iTunes app. The second improvement in iTunes is the addition of TV show rentals. In the iTunes app, you need to visit the Videos section, which is either accessible via the toolbar at the bottom or by tapping the More button.

Scrolling down to the list of episodes will show that the familiar Buy buttons have disappeared—tapping any episode will play a preview; to actually rent it, you have to double-tap to view info for that episode. In addition, those two models are also the only iOS devices that support HD rentals. Apple also says that iOS 4.

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The two-year-old model of the iPhone has already gotten the short end of the stick with iOS 4, not receiving some of its much touted advancements such as multitasking. But slow and unreliable performance have only made the experience all the more painful. Most are smaller improvements, but many of them will be welcome tweaks. Long in the tooth: My colleague Dan Frakes confirms that iPhone 4.

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Description Take high-quality, square photographs with 6x6. Release 3.

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Thanks for all the feedback - we'll keep making 6x6 better! This is a configuration option - in the default OFF position, your volume controls adjust your system audio or ringer level, as normal.

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What you see really is what you get. A complete rewrite of 6x6, release 2.

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Fully compatible with iOS 5. Version 2. A complete rewrite of 6x6 delivers a huge increase in performance and control: Nov 11, Version 4. If you want to sync Apple's notes to an iPhone 3G or second-generation iPod touch, you are back to iTunes. I gather that there are lots of third-party note-taking apps that might be worth a look, but I haven't perso. This morning I modified the text of the article to say something about how some iPhone 4 users are still reporting poor proximity sensor performance, to note that iOS 4.

Can somebody quickly tell me if it's worth the effort to put iOS 4. Which of the new iOS 4 features are actually available on the iPhone 3G apart from folders? I have a 3G here that's still on iOS 3. I held out on iOS 4 because 4. Now that's apparently fixed, but I'm still wondering if there's any reason I should actually do the update? Oh, drat! Sorry about that. Anybody out there from anywhere besides the United States able to rent anything?

Apple IOS 4.1: A guide to the new features

It's possible that there'd be different options in different countries, at least eventually. Though to be honest, it's not surprising. This has been the case since the beginning of rentals heck, since the beginning of the iTunes Store. The problem lies with the demands of the entertainment companies, who have chopped up the world into discrete markets that might have made sense in the physical media age but are silly with downloads.

I'm dreaming that someone like Netflix could set up a subsidiary or something in Japan, and start shaking things up a bit.

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I installed ios 4. She had experienced Bluetooth connectivity issues prior. She has tried a Motorolla and a Jawbone Icon with no success. I guess iOS 4. Using iOS 4.

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Seems to be something related to WiFi. There is an active thread on Apple's discussion boards. Share Facebook Twitter Reddit. Email Address. Tonya Engst. That's good news! I hope to hear from a few iPod touch users with similar reports.

photo app for ios 4.1 Photo app for ios 4.1
photo app for ios 4.1 Photo app for ios 4.1
photo app for ios 4.1 Photo app for ios 4.1
photo app for ios 4.1 Photo app for ios 4.1
photo app for ios 4.1 Photo app for ios 4.1

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