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EscondeR has been inactive for 4 days, so your wigs are safe! It really isn't that good, tbh. Oh mah gaaaaawd, Glitter and Grease. Since my Monster Ballage in like , I've needed this in my life. He is creeping in the shadows!!

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Album is about death and decay. Not primarily focused on gay rights. DJWS and Fernando produced the majority of the tracks. RedOne only has tracks. She wants to gain respect of general public again. No singles like Judas or Alejandro. Again, this was emphasized. Thank god to all of it, I might actually like it. That's a relief.

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Somebody grab that Houston gif now. I have it, but it's too big to post. This is all I wanted to hear. I've listened to bloody mary more than times: I'm loving what I'm hearing, but I need receipts, bew. Nice except I hope no songs are as bad as born this way. EOG was a really good song. Everyone is, gurl. This http: Born This Way the song? Or the album as a whole? Personally, I loved the whole album, including the BTW song itself.

BTW is like TR, everyone nit-picks on it here. Katy is more fun that gaga cause Katy is an actual pop artist. Gurl, Katy is dun gettin' divorced. She gonna go all Adele on us soon. I said go Adele, not eat. Ah man xD Made me laugh out loud on the bus. Looking like a freak. He was examining the song to find proof that she is an Illuminati. Now you'll be just like us, IllumiGaga has wonderfully poisoned and stolen our souls. It is the greatest honor. She, the great one, is in the process of stealing your soul, you've fallen into her hypnosis. Bow down.. Edge of Glory, for me.

I have a dream While wearing leather boots, shorts, fishnet stockings, red lip stick, a white hoody, a blonde wig and leg warmers to this song. It'll be magical. EoG is like a wild house party that everyone relevant is invited to. Except Xtina. Loljks, I'm just stanning babe. Ew, gorl, no. Worst Gaga single to date. Now re-assess. You know it and you will deal.

Lady Gaga - Telephone ft. Beyoncé

Americano is my least favorite Gaga song, period. I did say "single. Loving you. Never heard it. I'm really not into remixes majority of the time. I literally only play it when I listen to all of BTW. To put it bluntly, I despise it so much that The Queen has more plays. Seriously though, receipts? Red One? I hope Red One isn't involved with this project. She should mix it up a bit. I kind feel the same about Garibay too. He made some great songs for BTW but I feel he is one of these peopel who really overstates the magnificence of their work together!

From some guy called JudasDaniel in GGD Update the lyric database with "I won't die, but i can't live without you", a new lyric from the upcoming album. Well she wrote it on my friends arm after she asked her for a quote for a tattoo, Gaga turned to Taylor and said "should i give them a new one" and he said yes, my friend has the tattoo. Thanks but I've been here for ages I just have no posts because of the whole change thing that happened a while back Yup i got backstage the other night in Sydney, she also revealed a Lady Gaga movie she's doing being shot by Terry Richardson and she sprayed her new perfume on me.

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This one is cheesy but I like it http: Say what you like about GaGa, but she can interact with the audience like the best of them. I know it was abit pointless after the first performance but it seems less grand without it. A movie and new lyrics. Unless it's the Amy Winehouse story, I don't care. I'm still waiting for my Back to Black soundtrack because that's what the movie will be called performed entirely by Gaga. Her voice is like honey. You can tell it's maturing. She needs to take full advantage of this in future records. Did you guys see her in her white, snowy outfit recently?

Ah man she looked gorgeous the whole time she was in Sydney! I wish she would have had the teal hair when I saw her though D:.

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  7. They seemed kinda out of place.. Anyway, some more recent pics. She looks gawjuss. The Queen's always gawjuss. She used to be called GawjussGa. It would be some kind of disco, dance with smart but not too serious lyrics. God, please make this happen. We can hear you downstairs! Is that church bell ringing for us?

    The devil of pop is here. She looks sexy as fudge, I love her. I like that title. Let's use that title. Devil sounds so much better than Queen. I'm down! And completely agree, so much better than the Queen. Let's have her write a song titled Devil of Pop too, certain to beat down on the Queen.

    This just in from a friend currently at her Melbourne show, she's wearing a new outfit for Judas: D Photo's soon hopefully! I text-abused until he took a photo for me. She looks incredible! Appears to be blue latex skirt, bra and cape similar to what she wore on Ellen promoting Judas and a black Bad-Romance-Esque crown.

    So, I finally watched all of the EoG film clip today.

    Lady Gaga Beyonce GIF

    I had turned it off after about 40 seconds when I first seen it upon release, which I'm sorry I did. Such a good music video, now that I've seen all of it. It wasn't too much, but wasn't that simple either. I wish I could cope, but I took pills and left a note. Leave the coffin when I go and leave pros? She said it might not be on the album, apparently and she played it on the Piano according to my twitter sources. Lyrics snippets! Princess Die: Right after he proposed with a 60 carot stone wrapped in rose gold" "Leave the coffin when I go, and leave a pros and lipstick so everybody knows.

    The final act of life will be my own hands to do, I'll be a Princess and die with you. People have promised to upload it on Twitter, too. This will be interesting. People have promised to upload it on Twitter, but upload yours anyway. D I will as soon as he sends it to me: His phone's about to die so I'm not sure how long that'll take I want to go so badly but I don't know if I can do it!

    I like those lyrics. You're right Ian it does sound very fame Ga. I hope it isn't on the album, she should release it as an interin EP single just to tide us over tillt he rumoured release date in early Her FameGa talking voice seems to have made a return. I really like it, a lot. It's very Fame Monster in it's lyrical style. I'm glad she has gona back to those. As much as I love BTW there were too many songs that were 'for the fans'. Oh dear, I must refrain from watching that video.

    This type of song reminds me of Living On The Radio. Living on the radio has been rumoured to be on the next album under a different name. It is just a rumour though. I think this will be on the album. Everything she says on tour seems to happen to the contrary; 'I'm not supposed to play this song, but it's not like it'll ever be a single so I don't give a It's here! Princess Die! I loved it Like right NOW.

    That was amazing! Lyrically it was her best song IMO. Could gaga redeem herself for me with this album? I have a feeling her new album will top all her previous ones. Meh, not fond of it. Then again she sounded off key during half of it anyway, so I will probably like the studio version better.

    I found it boring. The lyrics are good, though. So nice to see some positive reactions to new music. The negativity of the whole BTW era had me ready to cut to be honest: There's always one: I was excited about it till I actually heard it, which was after I posted it here. Thought I was the second person to dislike it.. I guess this is the 'Paparazzi v2' we've been told about. The song about Princess Diana's death.

    The song is flawless and everybody dissing it - your faves could never. I feel like GaGa cannot win sometimes tbh. It's like Hair Part 2; she puts out an all singing all dancing studio version, people say it's overproduced and jizz their pants at the piano version. Now she sings a piano version of a song and peopel say it needs to be an upbeat studio version.

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    lady gaga telephone gifs tumblr Lady gaga telephone gifs tumblr
    lady gaga telephone gifs tumblr Lady gaga telephone gifs tumblr
    lady gaga telephone gifs tumblr Lady gaga telephone gifs tumblr
    lady gaga telephone gifs tumblr Lady gaga telephone gifs tumblr
    lady gaga telephone gifs tumblr Lady gaga telephone gifs tumblr
    lady gaga telephone gifs tumblr Lady gaga telephone gifs tumblr
    lady gaga telephone gifs tumblr Lady gaga telephone gifs tumblr
    lady gaga telephone gifs tumblr Lady gaga telephone gifs tumblr
    lady gaga telephone gifs tumblr Lady gaga telephone gifs tumblr

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