Skyfire web browser android 2.1

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Are they worth downloading? Read on to find out. To accomplish this, Skyfire transcodes the videos on its own Web servers and serves them to the phone in an Android-compatible format. The feature works well for many, but not all, Web videos. Skyfire processes Flash video at its servers, then sends the stream to the browser in a compatible format.

Skyfire 2.3 for Android Available, Download Here

Skyfire also lets your phone pose as a full-sized PC, so that you can access full desktop-optimized Websites if you choose. One of the frustrating things about the stock Android browser is that many sites will serve it a dumbed-down, mobile-optimized page that lacks the interactive features of the regular page available in a desktop browser. Skyfire puts a button on the toolbar to simplify window navigation.

This browser also has a file download manager that allows you to view your download progress, see a list of your recently downloaded files, and click to open any one of them. Despite all its cool functionality, we were left with some questions about Skyfire's stability.

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Dolphin HD's gesture-based commands for your device's touchscreen let you interact with the browser more quickly. Like Firefox, Dolphin HD has a tabbed interface and can install add-ons that extend functionality.


Forty-two such add-ons are available today, with more coming. You can install as many add-ons as you like; if you're a heavy add-on user, you can disable the ones you don't often use, to free up memory. Several themes, which change the appearance mainly the color of the browser, are also available. In an innovative twist, Dolphin HD lets you tell it what to do by drawing any of a set of user-defined symbols on the touchscreen of your device. To access Bookmarks and History, you simply swipe-and-drag the screen all the way to the right, which opens a Firefox-like sidebar.

Similarly, you can swipe-and-drag to the left to open a toolbar that gives access to installed add-ons and themes. And like Firefox, Dolphin HD has a built-in link to an add-ons gallery. Sadly, however, it was unable to play PCWorld videos.

Skyfire 2.0 for Android Download

Opera Mini is a tabbed browser that makes the best of low-bandwidth or poor data-coverage situations. Using server-side compression, Opera strips out all the Web page junk your mobile device doesn't need, while still retaining as much of the page's appearance as is practical.

The result is a good-looking page that loads quickly , even in low-signal areas. This happens without making your phone do the heavy work, so your phone doesn't slow down at all.

Free Android web browser with Flash support

Opera Mini's slide-up toolbar at bottom lets you navigate easily between tabs just above the toolbar. While Web pages load lightning-fast see the results of our speed tests, below , there is a catch: Streaming video is not supported. Then again, streaming video doesn't work very well in low-bandwidth situations anyway. The user interface is simple and finger-friendly. A toolbar sits at the bottom of the screen with buttons, labeled with icons, for Back, Forward, Windows and Tools. Although Mozilla's Fennec mobile browser is still in an early stage of development alpha , its potential for exchanging data easily with the popular Firefox desktop browser already makes it a real contender among third-party Android browsers.

Your phone must have Android 2. Today, Fennec weighs a whopping The app is so bloated that it takes a long time to start up, and often lags while running. But the app should slim down to fighting weight by the time it hits the Android Market. Fennec has hundreds of available add-ons ported over from Firefox.

Skyfire Web Browser for Android Offers Adobe Flash

Fennec will sync your bookmarks, history, tabs, and passwords to the ones you use in Firefox at home. However, you can download Fennec Alpha and try it out on your mobile device if you wish. To find out which browsers walk the walk on speed, we compared page-load speeds of Opera Mini, Skyfire, Dolphin HD, and Fennec, and contrasted those speeds with those of the stock Android 2. We chose our test Web pages for their diversity of content.

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Skyfire for Android – Beta Version Available

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Hyperion Launcher A sweet, feature-filled launcher with a beautiful UX.

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