Youtube ipad app not working

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You might wish to throw away your iPad and regret your purchase of the expensive device.

Common YouTube Problems

However, you really do not need to panic. Try one of the following ways and you can get rid of the trouble. People purchase iPads because iPads make use of mobile computing and cause videos to run perfectly. YouTube videos can be watched with utmost clarity and flow. However, this is not always the case. At times buffering is so long that you might lose all patience.

You wish you knew how to fix this at once. Given below are some ways to fix your iPad YouTube problem on buffering. As you can only watch YouTube videos online, you always need a fast and perfect network connection. However, if you download YouTube videos in your iPad, you can enjoy your YouTube videos on iPad without any interruption offline, and solve any problem of YouTube on iPad.

Then launch the program and go to the main interface as image shown. Now go to YouTube and find your favorite video.

When you open the video, you will get a "Download" button on the video windows. Simple click the button to download the video. If the downloaded YouTube videos are not supported by your iPad, you can convert the video format. To do so, find the video you want to convert from "Downloaded" tab in the "Download" menu at first.

When you put your mouse button on the video, you can see the "Add to Convert List" icon on the right of the video list, try to click this button to import video to "Convert" menu. In "Convert" menu, you can find your video, please click the "Convert" button, in the open up format selection window, you can select an output format or choose a device name as target output. Lastly, click "OK" to start the conversion. Download Videos. X Free Trial Buy Now. Free Trial Buy Now. YouTube on Phone 1. Download YouTube Video on Phone 1.

Tips about YouTube on Phone 2. Part 1. This Video is currently unavailable A very critical case related to YouTube app not working on iPad has been mentioned by several users. Refresh your web page. Check Network connections and fix any loopholes or faults. Upgrade the latest version of Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave. Delete unwanted files, cache, cookies and history. Use iCloud to back up your iPad. Open iTunes by connecting your iPad to your computer.

Use the selected back up option to restore your iPad. Download the latest version of YouTube that your iPad is compatible with. Firewalls are usually used to keep a network secure and also to control outgoing and incoming network traffic. Problems with YouTube videos that are not loading may be caused by third party firewalls such as comodo. If you have such a firewall installed, try to have it disabled and then reload your browser and check if the YouTube videos will play. If they do play, you may either choose to permanently uninstall the firewall or add YouTube to the authorized websites.

In a case where your default browser is not playing YouTube videos, try downloading a different mobile browser like Google chrome.

If you are using the Chrome application on an iPhone, iPad or android device, try to get the latest Chrome version for you to play Videos. The Applications that have available updates will be labeled "Update" and if there is an update available for Chrome, select it. You could also choose to set your device in such a way that it automatically updates your applications. Touch Updates on the bottom right hand corner.

If there is a chrome update available, select it. Your device will then update the chrome application. Under "Advanced" select site settings. Click on the box that is next to JavaScript. Exit then reload the YouTube video you are trying to watch. Alternatively, you can set up chrome such that it will always open any youtube. In order for you to do this, open the chrome menu then select settings, google apps and set the YouTube app to ON.

Nearly all YouTube videos require the Adobe flash player plugin for them to be watched on any browsers. The Chrome versions that are modern usually have this plugin preinstalled and update it regularly. However, if you are using other browsers, make sure that you install the latest version of Adobe flash player and have it updated regularly.

If you are having problems with flash player, usually YouTube will inform you about them and also offer to install its latest version. For Android devices, you can manually install the flash player. You will first need to allow your device to install apps from other sources instead of google play. Download flash for android application downloader from adobe.

16 Solutions to YouTube App Not Working or YouTube Not Loading Problem on Android, iPhone, iPad

After the download is complete, pull down the notification area then touch the file to have it installed. To confirm, select "install" on the next screen. If you are able to watch the videos on a Wi-Fi network and not on your usual wireless network, contact your network provider to find out if there may be any service issues in your area.

If this YouTube app problem persists, you can put a post on the YouTube mobile and device forum to get help. Here, you will need to mention your phone's make, model, wireless carrier, when the problem started and steps you have taken towards trying to revive the YouTube app.

Part 2: YouTube Not Working on iPhone/iPad in iOS 11

Delayed loading is the most complained problem of YouTube on mobiles. Even with fast net connections the screens have rotating circles and videos take a lot of time to load.

Slow loading and buffering are often caused by too many apps running at the same time or by too many caches. Hence, clearing the app of unnecessary caches and data and refreshing the page can solve the problem. Many Android phone users complain of getting a message on the screen while trying to load a YouTube video. The message reads, "There was a problem.

Fix: YouTube App Not Working and Other Errors on iPhone And iPad

Touch to re-try". But when the re-try nothing happens. The same message is repeated. Try a different network, check and change your internet administrator to a different one. Or search YouTube and check if there is any update for YouTube app. Some mobile users are unable to launch any video from Facebook. For his problem the recommended solutions are as follows:. You can either uninstall and re-install the Facebook video app in your phone, this step will clear all the cache in your Android or iPhone device.

Or use third-party video player for Facebook, all you need to do is to login to your Facebook account in the third-party app. First check the sound settings in your phone, if it works well in other apps, find the audio settings in Facebook app. If there is no problem, shut down in the background, clear all cache in the default folder and see if the problem resumes. If so, try to re-install the app in Appstore or Google Play.

With Wi-Fi connected, we could always enjor our time watching YouTube to get the lastest News, Movie trailers, leisure videos, however, the YouTube app not working problems are so annoying that we couldn't figure out solutions except a miserable mood.

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