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This gives you two loud but very brief high-pitched chirps in rapid succession, much like a human-audible version of the clicks or sound flashes emitted by bats for echolocation purposes. When sounding these over the phone's built-in speaker, you may detect nearby obstacles from any returned echoes.

The sound flash patterns are repeated with the same interval used for the soundscapes. If you prefer, you can toggle use of single sound flashes by pressing the "1" key. You can also independently cycle the audio volume of the bat calls by pressing the " " pound, hash key while in the bat call mode.

Barcodes and Semacodes? Free OCR? Any open source coders out there who can fill this gap? Visual tags could be applied at for instance the entrance of bus stations, railway stations and airports to easily bring the blind or sighted phone user to automatically updated web pages with the latest dynamic traffic information, train or bus platform for a given destination, flight schedules with arrivals and departures including any delays , route descriptions, tourist information, local service and support phone numbers, virtual instructions and other information that can aid in navigating specific unfamiliar and complex environments.

In combination with a phone screen reader these web pages are readily accessible to blind people. The web page format also easily complies with existing worldwide standards for presenting information: Associating sounds with selected objects or places has also been coined the delivery of " soundbombs ". The distinctive visual textures of visual tagging codes like barcodes, semacodes, shotcodes, QR codes and SP codes give equally distinctive sound patterns with The vOICe MIDlet that may help in properly orienting the camera for subsequent barcode, semacode, shotcode, QR code or SP code reading.

The vOICe MIDlet may similarly be used to locate and orient print for subsequent OCR analysis optical chacacter recognition from camera views once sufficiently reliable OCR engines become available for handheld devices. The combination of OCR and a talking screen reader could also serve people with severe dyslexia once the OCR recognition quality becomes good enough. VI Scientific markets a currency identifier and color identifier named VisionHunt.

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The soundscapes may also assist in aligning the view when taking pictures of scenes or objects for remote sighted identification or guidance after submitting the resulting pictures through MMS. GPS navigation by phone? Note that accessibility of mainstream products in blind navigation may be limited even in combination with a phone screen reader although Wayfinder GPS is reportedly accessible , while their use may still be targetted mostly at car-driving. However, Wayfinder GPS is being used by blind people in combination with a phone screen reader.

Nokia 7610 Software

Meijer envisions the user of his device guided by GPS and speech software to the door of a building, then prompted about the location of the knob by the finely tuned camera view. He says the technology will allow a user to accurately grasp a cup of coffee just set down on a table". This future option will depend on the further development of compatible parsers and Java 3D rendering support for mobile phones. See also the interactive online 3D Maze example.

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Continuous backlight? Many Nokia phones do not provide MIDlet support for disabling the backlight timeout. Is my phone MIDP It is often difficult to determine this with certainty from the available phone specifications. Now what if it is raining? Don't get mugged In all uses, please stay aware that pointing the phone's camera at people who do not know you or The vOICe, in public places or elsewhere, might trigger hostile reactions, for instance because people may think that you are taking their photograph without their permission or otherwise invading their privacy.

Similar issues may apply when pointing the camera at certain properties. Speech samples were kindly provided by Kevin Utter. Please read the disclaimer with respect to any damages or harm that use of The vOICe software might cause through inappropriate use. Nokia now first needs to prove that they can recoup their lost share of the smartphone market through their new development platforms. Nokia's Ovi Store requires on top of a paid registration a costly and cumbersome signing procedure even for safe Java ME MIDlets where users are always warned about any more risky features used by unsigned MIDlets.

The significant expenses are not warrented for freeware addressing a niche market. The current trend in Java ME applications is that you have to give a zillion permissions to get even the most basic tasks done in the name of security policies. Another trend with camera phones is that you can no longer silence the shutter sound.

If you cannot silence the shutter sound without turning off all sound output altogether! On some phones, permission to control and turn off the shutter sound will be requested after startup of The vOICe. On other phones, there may still? For some dual-camera phones a workaround is to switch The vOICe via the Options menu to the lower-quality "Second camera" front camera , which does not have a mechanical shutter nor an electronic shutter sound.

The vOICe aims to apply all known techniques to avoid the infamous shutter sounds and other user annoyances.

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  • However, to make matters worse, some mobile operators may add further constraints, in the name of security, to running camera-based Java MIDlets such as The vOICe. So you thought you owned your phone and should be allowed to do whatever you want with it? Beware that having a camera phone that supports MIDP Unfortunately this means that it is often impossible to predict with certainty whether The vOICe will run on your phone, unless it has already been tried and reported by others.

    Some problems with Nokia phones might also be resolved via firmware updates, e. The latter two phones have Java hardware acceleration support through ARM Jazelle technology, unlike any of the Nokia phones. On many phones e. Nokia phones fail with video capture, likely due to some firmware bug.

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    On some phones, such as the Nokia , the built-in camera application starts automatically upon opening the camera cover and one has to first close that camera application before starting The vOICe to prevent camera resource conflicts. Depending on the type of phone, it may be necessary to manually disable the flash to prevent flashing with every snapshot taken by The vOICe.

    Since MIDP Beware that some phones only support hearing phone calls via wireless bluetooth headsets, such that one cannot listen to music or The vOICe via the wireless headset. This limitation for instance applies to the Sony Ericsson Ki and Ki. Using a wired headset can be a solution. With the Nokia and as well as various other camera phones, one must override the default user permissions for camera capture. Other phones may require somewhat different procedures.

    Depending on the phone, the application Manager may by default be found in the Tools folder or in the main application Menu. It supports almost every common video formats, audio formats and image formats. See all supported input formats.

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    It allows users to edit videos with images and music, convert video and burn to DVD and Blu-ray disc. With the Nokia E63 Video Editor, you can add almost every common video, audio and image formats. It provides numerous transitions and video effects for editing video under two kinds of editing mode: Storybox mode and Timeline mode. Overlaying videos, adjusting the timeline of videos, images, music and subtitles, the Nokia E63 Video Editor enables you to create a amazing home-made video movie all by your own for Nokia E After editing video, choose one way to save it. To convert video for Nokia E63, choose Nokia E63 from the profile list or customize it yourself.

    The Nokia E63 software supports almost every video format as output. If the needed device is not included in the output profile lists, you can simply customize the settings on your own. There are video codec, frame size, bitrate, frame rate, audio codec, etc. Wether you choose to create video files for your Nokia E63 or burn to DVD or Blu-ray, the output quality will be terrific as it can be.

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    Since the output can be customized in the Nokia E63 Video Editor, you can choose adjust it to be better quality as you like. There are several video and audio parameters of the Nokia E63 Video Editor that are customizable, such as video codec, video size, video bitrate, frame rate, audio codec, audio bitrate, sample rate, etc. You can get better video quality by increasing video bitrate and frame size. And remember not to set the "video framerate" too high, for it would cause the conversion failed. Aura Nokia E63 Video Editor is a very easy-to-use video editing software.

    It requires no expertise, you only need to do a few mouse-clicks to convert videos for Nokia E63 or other devices, or burn to DVD. Then you can drag and drop the videos, images and audio files to the editing panel. Click seperately on the Transition and Video Effects buttons of the Nokia E63 Video Editor to choose from numbers of amazing effects to apply to your files. To convert videos to Nokia E63 or any other media devices, choose Video File output way. Feel interested in the Nokia E63 video editor?

    download aplikasi photo editor untuk hp nokia 7610 Download aplikasi photo editor untuk hp nokia 7610
    download aplikasi photo editor untuk hp nokia 7610 Download aplikasi photo editor untuk hp nokia 7610
    download aplikasi photo editor untuk hp nokia 7610 Download aplikasi photo editor untuk hp nokia 7610
    download aplikasi photo editor untuk hp nokia 7610 Download aplikasi photo editor untuk hp nokia 7610
    download aplikasi photo editor untuk hp nokia 7610 Download aplikasi photo editor untuk hp nokia 7610
    download aplikasi photo editor untuk hp nokia 7610 Download aplikasi photo editor untuk hp nokia 7610

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