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You collect tools like jumping, shooting, double jump and more to slay down evil monsters. Download — here Google Play Store.

Top 20 Best Android Games Under 10MB - MrGuider

Also, see — Best Arcade games for Android. Friction is a new simple yet addictive Arcade game for Android and one of the best Android games under 10MB Many types of obstacles are there to throw you out of the game.

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Fire cannons, heat seeking missiles and howitzers at 5 different types of AI tanks that will try their best to take you down. Download Tank Hero Free.

The 30 best Android games to download right now

The last arcade title on this list, Sky, is a fast paced endless runner of sorts in which you control multiple different characters as they traverse a mystical path filled with tons of obstacles. What makes the game different from a lot of endless runners is the green huts on the path that clone your character and require you to control both the characters simultaneously. The game has unique animated paths for different characters and a different levels that will keep you busy for a long while. Even though the game has a small install size, the visuals look absolutely stunning and the game has a very relaxing soundtrack.

Download Mekorama Free 2. Flow Free. Flow Free is a simple but addictive puzzle game that requires you to connect two dots of the same color using pipes on a grid of varying sizes to create a flow. The game offers over 2, different puzzles of varying difficulties, making the game quite a challenge to complete. On top of that, the game also features a Time Trial mode in which you have to complete the puzzle before the time runs out. Download Flow Free Free 3. The game is a simple math puzzle in which you combine two tiles with the same number to create a larger number, each move adds another tile to the board, making the game progressively more difficult.

Download Free 4. Infinity Loop The last great puzzle game on this list — Infinity Loop — is not only challenging but also quite relaxing, thanks to its soundtrack. In accordance with its name, the game has infinite levels, so you can keep playing it without worrying about running out of levels. Space Racing 3D — Star Race If racing games are your thing then you should definitely check out Space Racing 3D — a fun and fast paced racing game in which you race a space ship on a futuristic looking track.

The goal, as with most racing games, is pretty simple — you need to come first.

But be careful as the game allows you to pick up power-ups on the track with which you can take down or disable your opponents. Space Racing 3D has over 40 different tracks for you to choose from, along with a variety of different space ships. The game has 3 racing modes — career, chase, and survival — to keep you hooked for a long while. Dead Ahead Dead Ahead is an unconventional racing game which is a blend of traditional racing games and endless runners.

Set in an 8-bit world experiencing a zombie apocalypse of epic proportions, Dead Ahead is a racing game in which you race for your life. Dodge and weave through obstacles while taking down the undead. The game allows you to pimp your ride and upgrade your weapons to take down zombies a bit more efficiently. Try out Dead Ahead if you want to try out a racing game with a deadly twist.

Best Small Size Android Games 2017 With Download Size Under 25mb

Download Dead Ahead Free. Get your adrenaline pumping with Crazy Racer 3D — a fleshed out car racing game in a compact package.

January Android Game of the Month: Beat Cop

The game features 24 different race tracks, 6 different supercars, 3 game modes and a ton of customization, making it a whole lot of fun to play. Much like Space Racing 3D, Crazy Racer 3D also allows users to take down their competition using powerups that they can collect on the track, which adds a whole new dimension to the otherwise simple racing game.

Download Crazy Racer 3D Free 4. Real Bike Racing In case you prefer riding bikes to driving cars, then you should definitely check out Real Bike Racing. The game offers players over 10 unique superbikes which they can ride on a couple of different tracks.

10 Best Android Games Under 10 MB

The controls are fairly simple and the game even features VR support, in case you wish to play it with a compatible VR headset like the Google Cardboard. Modern Sniper. For a game packed within such a small package, the game offers pretty great graphics and a wide array of realistic weapons to choose from.

There are over 50 mission to keep you engrossed and 6 unique maps with different challenges of their own. Download Modern Sniper Free 2. Download Auto Theft Gangsters Free 3. Robot Strike 3D. Take control of a battle robot and take down a bunch of different enemy bots spread across 60 unique levels with Robot Strike 3D — a surprisingly detailed game with a small install package.

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