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All in all, the market for apps in China is huge and should be part of any mobile app strategy. Here are the major app stores in China to consider. MyApp from Tencent — currently the biggest app store in China, it holds around a quarter of the Chinese Android apps market. One of the key advantages, beyond size, is that apps are displayed as results by the search engine.

The store also hosts jailbreaking software for iOS and a news section. An app submission to the store implies Software Copyright Certificate submission process. Has 30 million users, but no English version. Anzhi — Android-specific app store with a strong community: While many app stores run by mobile network operators have shut down in recent years, there are still a few holding strong, especially in India where Aircel and Airtel are among the bigger app stores thanks to their catering for SMS-triggered app downloads.

Other stores are country specific, with a great example being the MTNPlay storefront which covers a large number of countries in Africa, supplying not only apps but also music and other content. Has free and paid-for apps for all platforms. Apps are for Android and Symbian, and there is also an English version of the marketplace.

Covers paid and free apps for both major platforms. Covers wallpapers and ringtones, and has a Symbian section too. Today mobile app ecosystem is being dominated by iOS and Android mobile operating system duopoly. Because of the Android ecosystem open approach Android apps can be installed not just from Google Play store but from a variety of stores. The Chinese market has become an equal rival to the US one and is on the path to leave it behind in the foreseeable future. Android app developers need to follow a smart approach of publishing their apps on multiple stores and do their homework by studying each store specifics.

Have we missed a store you believe should be on the list? Let us know! For more ways to distribute your app check our our directory of user acquisition services. By signing up you agree to our privacy policy.

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You can opt out anytime. App Stores List Artyom Dogtiev Updated: October 23, Share Tweet 2. Featured App Marketing Services. You can download and install applications using BlackBerry App World. If have questions about how to use BlackBerry App World please go to www. If you do not know where the download location is on the BlackBerry smartphone, you might think the BlackBerry smartphone is not functioning correctly. Verify that the third-party application is located in the appropriate location.

BlackBerry Apps

Something is probably wrong with the application. You need to contact the software vendor. You got your Curve from your employer. The IT department rules the school. Wirelessly, through an over-the-air OTA download: See Chapter 11 for more on wireless installations. BlackBerry Enterprise Server wireless install if your Curve was provided by your employer: In this case, you have no control over the installation process.

Through the PC using Microsoft Installer: Some application installations automate the preceding steps. All you need to do is connect your Curve to the PC and then double-click the installation file. You can uninstall an application in two ways: You can follow the same steps for uninstalling other applications.

A screen prompting you to enter your Curve password appears. The screen listing applications appears, similar to Figure , earlier in this chapter.

Scroll to the application you want to delete and then deselect its check box. Click Next.

You see a summary screen that lists the action of Application Loader. It indicates that iSkoot is to be removed from your Curve. The uninstall process starts, and a progress window appears. When the progress window disappears, you have uninstalled the application from your Curve. Follow these steps: Locate the application icon on the BlackBerry Home screen. By default, any applications you installed on your Curve are filed in the Downloads folder of the Home screen.

FAQs related to apps on your BlackBerry Curve 8330

However, you always have the option to move it. Highlight the application icon and then press the menu key. From the menu that appears, select Delete. In the confirmation dialog box that appears, select Delete to confirm the deletion.

Android App Stores

After restarting, the deleted application is uninstalled. The OS used by Curve has gone through a few revisions.

For help with installing BlackBerry Handheld Software, refer to the instructions that come with it. Third-party applications work as is most of the time, but there is always a possibility of losing third-party application data. Double-click the Application Loader icon on the Desktop Manager screen. A list of software appears, as shown in Figure

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