Top 5 smartphones july 2012

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The cons are the S Pen is somewhat glitchy if it's going to be a different way of interacting with the phone, it's got to be easier and it's not , and even with a battery on par with the RAZR MAXX HD, it's questionable whether it will last all day on a single charge given its screen size. Samsung has also tried to solve the question of how to protect a large phone by releasing a fold-over case like the GS3. I'm anxious to see what I can do with this phone and case. As far as the audio goes, who really is going to use a 5 inch phone without a Bluetooth headset?

One other idiosyncrasy of the Intuition is its 4: It's great for reading and writing, but video playback and gaming is going to have some bars on the screen or it'll look stretched or squashed. Samsung Galasy S3 , 4. I've raved a lot about the GS3: NFC, a slew of motion controls, in short the best phone in Verizon's Android lineup and potentially best period.

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My only complaint is S Voice, Samsung's voice-activated assistant. It's just not ready for prime time.

HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE

But there are always other voice command apps from the Play Store, or you can skip voice controls altogether. Why you'll want it: If you can get past its mouthful of a name, you'll find that this follow-up to the popular Droid Incredible 2 is a worthy successor. It features a slim and sleek design, an 8-megapixel camera, high-quality audio and video, and support for Verizon's speedy 4G network.

And since the carrier plans to launch this phone "in the coming weeks," this is one device you can get your paws on soon. Nokia's PureView has a megapixel camera whose image quality some sources have compared to that of digital SLRs.

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Top 5 Smartphones with Big Screens

Other PureView features include a 4-inch touchscreen and 3G support. Nokia has confirmed that it plans to launch an unlocked version of this phone in the United States this summer or fall. Opting for a no-contract, prepaid phone can save you big bucks on your monthly bill. And you don't have to settle for a plain-Jane flip phone to take advantage of these prepaid plans. The Samsung Galaxy Appeal is a case in point.

This Android-based, slider-style smartphone's specs are adequate though not flashy: Launch date: To be determined Why you'll want it: Apple says that it will " double down " on secrecy with regard to upcoming products, but the company can't stop the iPhone 5 rumor mill. Since last year's launch of the iPhone 4S and even before that product was announced , iOS enthusiasts have been awaiting the iPhone 5.

Will it include 4G support? Will it have a redesigned case?

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Will it come with a Liquidmetal design? Will it launch in September or October? Who knows? We sure don't. But we do know that plenty of folks will be lining up to buy one, whenever it reaches stores.

You also get PlayStation compatibility, so you can use the phone to play some of your favorite games. The Windows Phone platform may lack the buzz of iOS and Android, but it has some dedicated fans--and they will surely appreciate this budget-friendly smartphone. Verizon Wireless rumored Launch date: Summer rumored. It's been called the Motorola Vanquish and the Droid Fighter, but now, according to the Cellebrite system that Verizon uses to keep track of its retail items, this phone has an official name: Samsung Galaxy Mini Released: Samsung Galaxy Q Released: August 3.

Samsung Conquer 4G Released: Samsung Convoy 2 Released: Samsung Galaxy Released: July 6. July 5. Samsung Galaxy Gio Released: Samsung Exhibit 4G Released: Samsung Gravity Smart Released: Samsung Dart Released: Samsung Trender Released: Samsung Chrono Released: May 1. May 3. Samsung Droid Charge Released: Samsung Replenish Released: Samsung Galaxy S Aviator Released: Samsung Nexus S Released: T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Released: Samsung Galaxy Prevail Released: Samsung CV Released: Samsung Linx Released: Samsung CY Released: Samsung Factor Released: Samsung C Released: Samsung Rugby II Released: Samsung Evergreen Released: Samsung Corby Plus Released: Samsung Continuum Released: Samsung Focus Released: Samsung Transform Released: Samsung Galaxy Apollo Released: Samsung Galaxy S Captivate Released: Samsung Fascinate Released: Samsung Epic 4G Released: Samsung Gravity 3 Released: August 2.

Samsung Corby Touch Released: Samsung Flight II Released: Samsung Gusto Released: Samsung Gravity Touch Released: Samsung Entro Released: Samsung Haven Released: Samsung Intensity II Released: Samsung Wave Released: Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant Released: July 3. Samsung Elevate Released: June 3. Samsung Vice Released: Samsung Messenger Released: Samsung Galaxy Spica Released: Samsung R Released: March 2.

Samsung Gravity Released: Samsung r Released: Samsung Corby Pro Released: Samsung m Released: February 5. Samsung Flight Released: January 4. Samsung Gravity 2 Released: December 1.

ZTE Q2 Smartphone Shipments Break into World Top 5

Samsung Advance A Released: Samsung Forever A Released: Samsung Convoy Released: Samsung Omnia II Released: Samsung Intensity U Released: Samsung m Reclaim Released: Samsung Impact Released: Samsung Reclaim Released: September 3. Samsung R Link Released: August 5. Samsung Hype A Released: August 9. Samsung R Vice Released: August 4. Samsung U Released: Samsung Link Released: Samsung Instinct Released: April 6.

Samsung Omnia Released: Samsung Ace Released: Samsung F Released:

top 5 smartphones july 2012 Top 5 smartphones july 2012
top 5 smartphones july 2012 Top 5 smartphones july 2012
top 5 smartphones july 2012 Top 5 smartphones july 2012
top 5 smartphones july 2012 Top 5 smartphones july 2012
top 5 smartphones july 2012 Top 5 smartphones july 2012
top 5 smartphones july 2012 Top 5 smartphones july 2012
top 5 smartphones july 2012 Top 5 smartphones july 2012
top 5 smartphones july 2012 Top 5 smartphones july 2012

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