Best free keyboard app for android 2012

The Best Android Keyboard (List Of 10 Best Android Keyboard Apps)

Get a familiar layout instantly with this keyboard and get access to some added features like support for ConnectBot over SSH. TouchPal Keyboard Choice is something that we've come to love from being Android users and the folks behind TouchPal Keyboard get that. They're not here to give us less choice but more, there's a lot on offer here and you can choose to type away normally on the QWERTY keyboard or slide away a la Swype.

Innovatively, TouchPal will predict words as you slide, making those longer words quicker to input. It's a solid offering that doesn't look too bad either and there are a good number of languages available.

Google Chrome

Jelly Bean Keyboard I can't tell a lie - this is straight up the keyboard from Android 4. There's nothing wrong with that.

Best Keyboard Apps for Android

When you buy a phone from say, HTC or Samsung you're pretty sure that the keyboard you'll be typing on isn't what Google intended - not only does it not look the same, it acts differently as well. Not a lot of fun if you're used to stock Keyboards of old. So, install this and be greeted with pure Android typing on either your tablet and phone.

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If there is I haven't come across it yet. The Team's keyboard offering has to be one of their strongest offerings - it's got theme support, emoji and everything else you've come accustomed to. This is the perfect offering you want to personalise you're typing experience visually. The key layout is nice and standard as well, offering a customizable typing experience without cutting corners.

SlideIT Keyboard It seems that the advent of more accurate touchscreens has come with a hoarde of sliding keyboards, looking to turn typing into a sort of snakes and ladders. With SlideIT Keyboard you can type away normally as well as slide your thumb all over the place. As well as this though there are some interesting features that make for an appealing keyboard.

Best Keyboard Apps for Android

For instance, you can program in shortcuts and resize the keyboard to match your device - perfect if you don't have a screen the size of a tablet and need to see more keys. Siine Keyboard One of my favorite keyboards, Siine has been delivery a swiss army knife keyboard for some time now. There's little that Siine cannot do when it comes to data input. For instance, a lot of the time you'll be texting about a time or date and with Siine you can input these with the innovative calendar and clock feature. Shortcuts are incredibly easy to setup and to input, making quick texts ridiculously fast.

There's a real good-looking theme here and it fits in with Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean brilliantly! Well worth a look if you want a complete solution for inputting. Thumb Keyboard For a long time now Thumb Keyboard has been the best keyboard for tablets thanks to it's spilt layout and innovative features.

Now though, phones are constantly getting bigger and bigger making a split keyboard better for those of us with larger handsets. There's a lot of themes included with the keyboard as well, mostly to make it fit in with whatever version or skin of Android you're running.

There are some fun customisations as well, like the ability to change the key sound to one of many as well size and layout.

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AdapTxt Keyboard We've spent quite a bit of time reviewing Adaptxt for phones and tablets. Both occasions we found it to be a stunning offering, with great touchscreen response and fantastic word prediction and correction. There's some really nice customizations on offer as well, making this a solid all rounder. There are a few themes as well as options for split layouts on tablets. A feature filled toolbar allows you to flick through to see all it offers, and to quickly change settings, navigate through text, cut and paste, change dictionaries, change themes and more.

Its suggestions box has been designed to be smart, fast, and easy to use. You can purchase Ultra Keyboard from the Google Play store today. Buy now! Unfortunately, the forums have been discontinued. All discussion has been moved to the comments section of our articles, so start clicking on the topics you're interested in to dive back into the conversation!

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  • The top Android keyboards for Google phones;
  • Pocophone F1 international giveaway! February 17, The main features of GO Keyboard include: If you like GO Keyboard, you will probably also like Kika Keyboard which is another fun Android keyboard app that offers you tons of different customizations. If you are all about expressing yourself with emojis, funny GIFs, emoticons, stickers or animated GIFs you know from Messenger, Twitter, Snapchat and other social media, you will certainly love this keyboard app.

    Five apps that are probably better than the keyboard you're using now

    The main features of Kika Keyboard include: FancyKey Keyboard , one of the best alternative keyboards for iOS, has also been available for both Android and Kindle Fire users for some time. As the name suggests, FancyKey Keyboard is also all about you having lots of fun while typing thanks to thousands of different emojis, emoticons and emoji arts available.

    If you like this stuff, you will love this app for sure. The main features of FancyKey Keyboard include: Now it's time for something a little bit different and more American than all the remaining keyboards. American Keyboard also focuses on giving you access to tons of different emojis so that you can express yourself even better. This keyboard app promises to make you type faster than ever. It the promise kept?

    Featured: Top 10 Best Keyboard Apps for Android

    It's for you to judge! The main features of American Keyboard include: Are you still looking for the best Android keyboard app? There is another nice app that I suggest you try: This is another advanced keyboard app that offers you tons of customizations and options so that you can easily adjust it to all your needs. The main features of iKeyboard include: Ginger Keyboard is another very popular and good keyboard app for Android.

    What makes this app stand out is the built-in grammar and spell check, which isn't a very popular feature in most keyboard apps. The app not only checks grammar, spelling but also punctuation. The main features of Ginger Keyboard include: Last but not least comes Emoji Keyboard which is another very good alternative Android keyboard.

    Home row heroes: alternative keyboard apps for Android | Ars Technica

    As the name suggests, this app's main focus is on emojis and this app is a winner when it comes to emojis! You get access to more than thousand different emojis, emoticons, smileys, stickers and so on. The main features of Emoji Keyboard include: If you find some information here to be out of date or some link not working, please let me know. I am doing my best to keep this list up-to-date. If you think I should add some other keyboard app here, let me know as well!

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