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Figure 2: Mobius Strip. Courtesy of Merle and Kelly Cunningham. As seen in Fiture 2, take a strip of paper, draw a line through its middle and make a Mobius strip. What happens if you cut this Mobius strip in the middle? You get a new Mobius strip — twice as long as the first. Figure 2 courtesy of Merle and Kelly Cunningham.

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Try another experiment. Take a paper strip and draw two dividing lines along it lengthwise. What will you see after cutting this strip? There is now one smaller Mobius strip inside another. There are existing technical applications of the Mobius strip. Mobius strips have been used as conveyor belts that last longer because the entire surface area of the belt gets the same amount of wear and as continuous-loop recording tapes to double the playing time.

Mobius strips are common in the manufacturing of fabric computer printer and typewriter ribbons, allowing the ribbon to be twice as wide as the printhead while using both half-edges evenly. Figure 3: Public Domain — US Patent Figure 4. Courtesy of Anatoliy Kobelnuk. Using a Mobius strip, Russian Inventor Burlak made a wonderful present for generations of children. He created an electrified railroad, railways of which were twisted as a Mobius strip. Besides the Mobius twisting of rails, the railways were made from a ferromagnetic compound, and the wheels of the locomotive and carriages had magnet shoes.

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  • Such trains could move upside down. Figure 5: Public Domain — US Patent 4,, The general look of this unusual invention is shown in Figure 5. A hand-held toy is created, which challenges the manual dexterity and concentration of the user. The toy in its preferred embodiment is a continuous Mobius ring formed from an elongated band with grooves in both of its sides.

    The grooves define a raceway for a rolling ball-like object, twisted around its longitudinal axis with an odd number of turns and its ends permanently joined. An aperture in the band communicates with the grooves on either side of the band. The aperture selectively closes by way of a door. A handle is provided for the user, which reaches across the Mobius ring and approximately defines the diameter. The toy is used by placing one or more marbles in the groove, and then, by moving the Mobius ring, the ball will roll in the grooves up to degrees or the ball can be rolled trough the door and aperture for a distance to facilitate playing action.

    A removable arched cover can be used over one of the grooves adjacent the door to further facilitate plying.

    Möbius strip

    You can attach the hand-grip of an exercise device through the use of an exercise aid. The exercise aid is a flat, narrow strap with a length substantially greater than its width, with the ends of the strap connected to form a Mobius band. The length of the strap is between 24 and 29 inches, enabling the strap to accommodate different sized hands and wrists.

    The ends of the exercise aid may be adjustable connected by a hook and loop fastener or may be sewn together to form an integral structure. Figure 6: Figure 7: Using a Mobius belt. Figure 7 shows an electric ornament traveling on a rail capable of expanding the quadrants described in the Mobius Theorem. The object is, mostly, a three-dimensional endless rail on a set of supports.

    The rail includes at minimum a twisted section and a non-twisted section. Two parallel metal wires extend along the full length of the rail on both surfaces. A controller is used to supply and control the flow of the current to the metal wires.

    Colegiul National "Moise Nicoara" Arad

    A moving body with rollers, made of a permanent magnetic material, is magnetically attached to the metal wires. A transmission mechanism in the moving body is powered by the controller to drive the moving body. You can make your own version of Figure 8 by connecting a curved glass tube with a small diameter with a glass tube with a larger diameter.

    Public Domain -US Patent 6,, A glass vessel 10 that resembles a typical coffee mug, but with a hollow handle Find a degree that fits your goals. Quiz Course. Try it risk-free for 30 days. Yuanxin Amy Yang Alcocer Amy has a master's degree in secondary education and has taught math at a public charter high school. Add to Add to Add to. Want to watch this again later? After reading this lesson, you'll know how you can make your own Mobius strip and you'll know where you'll find it in action in the real world. And you'll know what about it makes it so unique and intriguing at the same time.

    What is a Mobius Strip? Make Your Own You can make a Mobius strip for yourself by using just a strip of a piece of paper. A Mobius strip You can check that you did it right by taking a pen and drawing a line on the Mobius strip without lifting the pen. What Makes It Unique? Try it risk-free No obligation, cancel anytime. Want to learn more? Select a subject to preview related courses: Real World Uses At first, the Mobius strip might seem to be just an interesting mathematical concept, but it is actually being used in the real world in large conveyor belt systems.

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    mobius strip real life applications Mobius strip real life applications
    mobius strip real life applications Mobius strip real life applications
    mobius strip real life applications Mobius strip real life applications
    mobius strip real life applications Mobius strip real life applications
    mobius strip real life applications Mobius strip real life applications
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    mobius strip real life applications Mobius strip real life applications
    mobius strip real life applications Mobius strip real life applications

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