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March 5, Retrieved September 4, See How We Are hey Zeus! Merry Xmas from X. Beyond and Back: The X Anthology The Best: Make the Music Go Bang!

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Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Mar 14, 5, NW England. Hi Dianasnan, Are all the phones the same?


Your Phone's Off The Hook, But You're Not - Live Lyrics X ※ opigyzihov.ml Mojim Lyrics

Or does mum have to work out which one is which? Brilliant idea BTW, Zadok Just a thought - but we are so into 'push button technology' In terms of dialling out, perhaps more difficult or if they have sustained longer term memory of using that type of telephone In terms of replacing handsets on the cradle and accepting incoming calls - a good old 'Bakerlite' type phone must surely be easier - and if that is too difficult to make outgoing calls Karen, x. Margarita Registered User. Feb 17, 10, london. Jun 19, Lila13 Registered User. Feb 24, 1, Whenever my mother did anything silly with her phone it wasn't her, it was "Shona and Podsnap".

No, there was nothing we could do about it but phone a neighbour, and they all had enough of it. She has 1 phone with big buttons ,1 with relatively big buttons but the other one is medium sized on a little ledge in the hall and is the one with the tangled cord, ideal for a wall phone.

This is the one that causes more problems but she has had this one for at least 15 years. Both her hall phone and big button phone have been left off the cradle in the last 24 hrs, very frustrating.

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Have laminated A4 lists of phone numbers in large letters which I stuck to her wall with white tack and she now does the rounds of dialling most numbers to get hold of one of the family eventually. CraigC Registered User. Mar 21, 6, London.

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  • Your Phone’s Off the Hook, but You’re Not.
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Hi Diana, sorry I'm a little late catching up with this thread! This may be an idea for the future or at least worth checking out. It is not directly it may help. Not sure if all councils run it or provide a similar service. But Bournemouth council helped us get in contact with a company that provided a special alarm service. Basically they gave mum and alarm that she could keep by her bed or wear a special necklass around her neck. If she pressed the alarm it called a service which would set off a loud speaker asking her if she needed help and giving her clear instructions.

If mum did not answer and it was very sensitive picking up her voice about 8 meters away they would firstly call me, then my uncle close by and they another number. Mum only used it a couple of times but it was a godsend for someone living on her own. Not sure if it would suit your mums needs but the staff always seemed informed about the situation and really professional. If you want to get and idea of what I'm rambling about check out this link. It may be worth phoning your local authority to see if they have something similar or if they have any other schemes http: Craig, your system may be different, but I found that because the alarm system used the phone line that the phone did, the phone being off the hook meant the alarm system was non-functional.

Actually, not to get totally off track, but the alarm system caused my mother deep distress - she never could remember to use the button as intended, and when on occasion she pressed it in error, the "disembodied" voice from the alarm service sent her into a flat spin.

How do I activate my device?

Also, because of the inter connection between the phone system and the alarm system, we had several incidents where the whole thing got tied up in an impossible loop and I ended up having international conference calls with the call center and a BT engineer to try and sort it out. Not intending to be a downer, because I think they can be very valuable tools, but they have their drawbacks as well.

Good point jennifer! You need to talk to these people before installing anything! They must understand the persons needs and it may not suit everyone. Mum was ill herself looking after dad who has alzheimers, but it was a lifeline for all of us. The people we used were personal and great if you called, I tested it a few times myself and was amazed how friendly they were.

Not all councils runs these schemes but it is worthing checking out what is available. DeborahBlythe Registered User. Dec 1, 9, I think you are referring to Help the Aged's Seniorlink scheme. Margaret W Registered User. Apr 28, 3, North Derbyshire. Mum has an emergency call system, a box on the window sill and a cord for round her neck. She won't weat the cord, says she is scared of pressing it inadvertently, so it it put - by the side of the box.

No use at all. Well, you can only do your best! Memori Registered User. Sep 22,

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